Frequently Asked Questions

Is financing available through Gauger & Swingly, Inc.?
Yes, we have a number of options to meet our individual customer’s needs. To find out more about our financial options, please use the Contact Us page with your specific questions.
What about your standard specifications, can we get a copy of your spec sheet?

Spec sheets for a Gauger & Swingly, Inc. homes are available from any company representative. We are a custom home builder. All of our homes are built to standards that Dennis Gauger & Ed Swingly have developed over years utilizing products and features that we have personally researched and experienced. Many of our standards are considered upgrades elsewhere. Comparison of all features, from foundation design to roof shingle shows the extra value you get with a Gauger & Swingly custom home.

How long will it take to build our new home?

The time it takes to build a custom home can range from 3 months up to a year, depending on the number of custom features in the home. Our experience has shown us that other factors can influence the time to complete a home as well, such as delayed products selections by the client, changes made to design or plan during construction, and arrangements with financial institutions. These details can all add time to your overall home project. Our best advice: “don’t rush” and remember that building your dream home is a large undertaking that will take some time.

Can we do some of the work on our own or hire our own professionals?

Home construction is a very complicated process requiring the scheduled work of many different professional who often perform their trades simultaneously. The relationships that we have developed with our close group of subcontractors allow this process to run smoothly. Our experience has shown that subcontractors and clients that are unfamiliar with our process can cause both schedule delays and additional cost on a project. Because of this, we require that any work by our client is performed after our construction is complete.

Can we go anywhere to make our product selections?

We have a long standing relationship with our product suppliers, and as such, we are both familiar with each others’ processes and people. This relationship allows your product selection process to run smoothly. Here again, unfamiliarity with our specific work processes and people can cause unforeseen work delays and higher costs. At Gauger & Swingly, Inc. we use long standing suppliers that can provide you with a wide range of product selections and the product knowledge and installation expertise to go along with it.

We have plans already drawn, will you build on the lot we own or have selected?
Yes. Gauger & Swingly will build outside our communities to architectural plans your provide on your own approved building lot or one that you have selected. The process and procedures vary slightly than those employed when building in one of our own communities, but the resulting product will be the same high quality, custom home that you will be proud to own. For more information, see “Build On Your Own Lot” found on our Communities page.
Can Gauger & Swingly, Inc. remodel or build an addition on to my existing home?
Yes. We use the same group of professionals and products to build additions or remodel your existing home.

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