Build On Your Own Lot

At Gauger & Swingly, customer and quality are our two top priorities. Some of our best projects have been custom homes on a lot owned by our customer. Building on your own lot is a growing trend with several advantages:

  • Choice of location
  • Choice of home style and floor plan
  • Ability to customize

Our advice is to consult with a reputable builder like Gauger & Swingly, Inc. when selecting a parcel of land and to insure that you take the steps necessary to confirm that the lot is or can become an “approved building lot”. We can help you avoid poor quality properties, saving you money down the road.

Site work is an important and costly consideration when selecting your own undeveloped land to build on. Be sure to include site work costs in your budget when buying your property, including the following:

  • Easements
  • Zoning laws
  • Property line restrictions
  • Architecture guidelines

Be sure to plan extra time to building on your own lot. The advantages listed above all require a bit more time than building the standard “tract home”.

Finally living on that plot of land is your dream come true. Contact Gauger & Swingly, Inc. to help you through this process, including:

  • Site work
  • Home Plans
  • Permits
  • Coordination
  • Construction
  • Financing

At Gauger & Swingly Inc, we have the knowledge to get you through the process and help your dream become a reality. Quality homes, from our family to yours.


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